Our team matches skilled techniques with old-fashioned common sense to provide quick response to your environmental needs

    • Phase I site assessment

    • Phase II site assessment

    • Soil and groundwater remediation

    • Spill response and cleanup

    • Hazardous materials management

    • SPCC Plans

    • Storm water management plans

    • Underground and aboveground tank removals

    • Management of regulatory issue

    • Federal, state and local government compliance

    • Indoor Air Sampling



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Creating Solutions
to Environmental Problems since 1987
Serving Western Colorado & Beyond



STTI, Storage Tank Technology, Inc. is a group of dedicated and experienced professionals with over 150 combined years of experience in environmental engineering, geology, geophysics, hydrology, chemical engineering, civil engineering land use planning, environmental science, project management, regulatory affairs and hazardous materials management.

Attention to detail and application of modern technology allow STTI to provide clients with innovative, low-cost solutions to various environmental and engineering problems.



As professionals of engineering and science, our associates have completed numerous training course and comply with Federal, State and Local agency requirements for training and registration to better serve your needs.

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With STTI you work closely with the company's management. They possess the necessary scientific background to meet your needs accurately and efficiently. Their pride in the company assures you of quality without compromise.

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