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    • Phase I site assessment

    • Phase II site assessment

    • Soil and groundwater remediation

    • Spill response and cleanup

    • Hazardous materials management

    • SPCC Plans

    • Storm water management plans

    • Underground and aboveground tank removals

    • Management of regulatory issue

    • Federal, state and local government compliance

    • Indoor Air Sampling



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Act before Dec 31, 2018 to receive incentives for becoming Storage Tank compliant, including upgrades if neccesary.


Through the authority provided in the Colorado Revised Statutes (§8-20.5-103 (3.5)), moneys in the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund (Fund) may be used to provide incentives to underground or aboveground storage tank owners and operators for significant operational compliance or to upgrade existing tank systems. The incentive offered is a waiver of the deductible if a confirmed release is discovered during the upgrade or tank removal activities described in more detail below. In order to be eligible for this incentive the applicant must have completed the upgrade or tank removal work by December 31, 2018. In order to implement this statutory directive, the Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS) is offering the following incentive program to:

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