All of these land uses can result in significant environmental liabilities and might have a history of leaking underground tanks, asbestos, PCBs, heavy metals or other hazardous materials.

    • Gas station

    • Bulk fuels distributor

    • Dry cleaners

    • Auto body shop

    • Junkyard

    • Landfill

    • Factory

    • Mine

    • Farm/ranch

STTI can help you identify and assess your environmental risks, understand the appropriate federal, state and local regulations, and design a program specifically to remove, manage or remediate those areas.



Founded in 1987, STTI, Storage Tank Technology, Inc, continues to be one of Colorado's leading, full service environmental and engineering consulting firm based in Western Colorado. Our associates have extensive backgrounds and over 150 years combined experience in environmental engineering, geology, geophysics, hydrology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, land use planning, environmental science, project management, regulatory affairs, and hazardous materials management. Drawing on this experience, STTI has created a wide range of services for environmental and engineering applications and continues to stay in the forefront of our field. These services include site assessment and remediation, SPCC Plans, storm water management plans, underground and above ground storage tank removals, and associated regulatory issues. We specialize in soil and groundwater remediation, spill response and cleanup of petroleum fuels and chemicals, traffic accidents and aircraft crashes, as well as hazardous materials handling.
Please give us a call if we can be of assistance in assessment, management, planning and/or remediation of your site.